Hi Bye Mama! || I Can’t Live, Not For a Single Day..

“It only took us three seconds to see each other and fall in love. Love approached us at an unexpected moment, pretending to be something ordinary.”

We believed in the 13 years together, thinking… it would be unbreakable. 

We believed in the 13 years together, thinking it would be unbreakable. But life didn’t turn out the way we wanted, and no one expected our parting.

keep yourself busy. work and look after the kid, keep repeating that. just live for a day like that. when its tomorrow, live the day like that as well. you’ll live if you keep living like that everyday. you’ll survive.

Everyone passes through a tunnel of darkness in life. A long tunnel that makes you think that you may never see light again. But as there are no tunnels without exits, there is no eternal love or eternal pain in the world.