[Trivia] Fangirling Allert!, Chariszha Fallen for Shim Dae Shik.

       In darknest and slowly night when I can’t slept well cause something enthusiastic on the next day (today). And today (27 Jan) I had chili comments on my last article when I was young and talking without thinking straight… 2014 you know! -_- I’m still on the cesspool, I know that was very suspicious thing that I makes before this (focus writing recaps), isn’t hurt anymore but is still making any confused, but I knew she/he was so young than me and has own mind, so please be mature guys~ we are just human and have all of mind that you must break out to the trash. Just like you and me, all around human in the world… *okay enough please calm Cha… calm Cha… take a deep breath, and don’t forget to smiles ^_^*

            Okay! Just forget it! Pretending that chili childish never came to my precious blog *Haha!.

 Fangirling? Why? Yeah~ a couple day before I’ve never seen Baek Sung Hyun as hot blooded man, cute! And began to his new temporary fans cause his good acting for Shim Dae Shik. >_<screenshot_2017-01-26-17-22-40

            Would be hard for me making his profile post to this blog (not yet interest with his discography and all his experience XD), I can’t deny it… falling in love with him, so much!. Not only his face and great acting, I really loves his stories, he is starting his role when he was child, do you know “Stairways to Heaven”?, here we are! Little Baek Sung Hyun dan Park Shin Hye being cute couple on this series *Kyaaaaa



And Baek Sung Hyun making special appearance for Shin Hye’s Doctors ^_^, my first impression after saw that picture is keep smiling with big two tumbs up!,

doctors           Oh my… oh my… I wanna die! Please looking after me Sonsengnim! :D. Check my heart, you will find that my heart’s flame and beating uncommon normally fond ❤ *Mm…anyway just ignore it*

Sung Hyun Oppa is 89 line. We’re focus watching voice, I thought I’ve been watching Sung Hyun and Jang Hyuk on same series, scrolling my mind and leisure my time~ and till the end I have no idea where is Dae Shik and Jin Hyuk pairing in same production. Aha! Wikipedia can answer my question.



Ta-da! “Love Cells”, Omona! That is web drama, Jang Hyuk role an instructor of Self defense and my Sung Hyun became an arrogant celeb. Well… they are not in one frame but actually in one production drama. And currently airing as partner for “Voice” Hahahahaha!

What a coincidental, right?.


        Somehow stagnan with one person… occasionally doing something like this is not bad *haha! Loves Shim Dae Shik, the person who are the big choice for us to point out as “Murderer”, how this? May be he is the real murderer and my throat just can’t believe it, hopefully the other person was the real murderer, not Dae Shik T_T, my all for Dae Shik…. #splash, since my heart pounding all of sudden.

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2 thoughts on “[Trivia] Fangirling Allert!, Chariszha Fallen for Shim Dae Shik.

  1. Ya ampuuunnn… Ternyata samaan kita… Pertama kali liat Baek Sung Hyun ini di My Love Eun Dong… Belum sampe tahap bias sih tapi entah kenapa, sosok dia itu seperti menggelitik-gelitik di sudut hatikuhhhh…

    Oettoke… I’m worried too… I have a feeling about Dae Shik is the murderer but I hope that feeling is wrong…

    Thanks for the post…

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